Best Panini Maker Reviews: Cuisinart GR-3 Griddler, Krups Universal Ratings

Is it possible to get gourmet-style panini in your own home? Yes it is, but maybe every time you’ve tried, you haven’t come close to the results that had in mind. It may have to do with you best panini maker. There are brands that will get you top results and others that won’t. Top on the list of the best are 3 brands: Cuisinart GR-3 Griddler, Krups Universal and Haier Professional Panini Makers.

Cuisinart GR-3 Griddler Panini Maker

Are you looking for a panini maker that’s made to last, looks great, makes perfect panini as well as a bunch of other things? Then you’ve found it with the Cuisinart GR-3 Griddler.

1. You can use it for open grilling, panini making and it can also become your sandwich maker.

2. For all these different functions, it has different detachable grill plates – just change them depending on what you want to make. That makes for easy cleaning too.

3. It comes with a floating cover – you can get lots of stuffing into a sandwich and you’ll still be able to close the panini maker comfortably.

4. You can adjust the temperature yourself depending on what you’re cooking. If you’re not sure what the right temperature is supposed to be, simply double check your recipe book.

5. It’s all non-stick – all the grill plates are coated so that your food will not be left on them.

Krups Universal Panini Maker

It can do a whole lot of cooking for you, this panini maker. It’s actually closer to a grill than a panini maker, and it gives excellent results whatever you do with it.

1. You’ll get your panini, you’ll get your sandwiches and you can get grilled burgers, chicken, fish and steaks too.

2. All these functions are supported by different grilling plates, each detachable and easy to clean.

3. All the grilling plates come non-stick – invaluable in any kind of cooking appliance really.

4. You can stuff your sandwiches as much as you like – it comes with headroom for those extra large sandwiches.

5. Stuck for ideas on how to make full use of it? No need to worry, it comes with a recipe book that shows you all the ways that you can use it and suggests recipes as well.

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