American Security Gun Safe – TF5517 Model

The history behind the development of American Security reads like an American dream come true story. The company was founded in 1948 by Glenn Hall. It was a spartan beginning, during a tough economy. Hall got started with only a welder and a lathe. With determination, he began producing incredibly reliable and secure safes. The company has now logged 65 years as in innovator in the design and production of security safes of all kinds, including the renowned American Security Gun Safe.

Even in those early days in Paramount, California, Hall’s safes were recognized as being unlike other best gun safes of the time. Being forward thinking, the company went on to develop a round safe door design, which would become the standard for the entire industry. This design offered unparalleled security. Although it was expensive to produce such a design, other makers couldn’t beat its performance. The round door design remained a standard in the safe making industry for decades.

With an eye toward a better price for their customers, American Security decided to take another look at door construction. During the 1960s, AMSEC engineered a square door. The square design offered significant cost savings over the round design. More importantly, the square design was not a security compromise. It was as tough as its predecessor. Changes in the boltwork and locking mechanisms allowed AMSEC’s square design to provide better security than other square designs. Producing it from plates of steel meant that machine work, and therefore cost, was minimized. Their innovation in square door design allowed them to then produce gun safes, like the American Security Gun Safe model TF5517, which are both secure and affordable.

There isn’t a bigger manufacturer of security safes anywhere in the world. They turn out 60,000 safes each year. Their manufacturing facility offers an ample 150,000 square feet of space. They employ more than 400 people. AMSEC offers service across the globe via a force of over 7,500 factory trained and registered technicians.

The American Security Gun Safe model TF5517 is among the most affordable they produce. Classic in design, the TF5517 has a textured black finish and sports chrome hardware. Classic in functionality, the TF5517 incorporates a 3-wheel combination lock, including a spy-proof dial, with burglar and drill resistant hardplate. For those who would prefer an electronic lock and lighted keypad, the TF5517E5 might be a better choice.

This biometric pistol safe includes their premium door organizer as a standard feature with TF series safes. These make it relatively easy to grab any stored piece quickly. For more organizational possibilities for the TF5517, there’s also an optional four shelf kit. On the con side, if the TF5517 isn’t going to be kept in the gun owner’s bedroom, then the Defense Vault DV652 from American Security might be a wise additional purchase. The DV652 is small enough to slide underneath most beds. This would yield supreme easy access for protection, if an intruder breaks in during the night.

The TF5517 big enough to hold 11 guns, yet it’s small enough not to need a room of its own. Outside dimensions are 55.25 inches high, by 17.34 inches wide, by 16 inches deep. It has a door thickness of 3.25 inches. The body is constructed of 14-gauge solid steel plate. It has five active 1 inch bolts, plus an additional three deadbolts, making a total of eight security bolts in its design. Empty, it weighs 286 pounds. This gun safe isn’t going to make a burglar happy, regardless of the tools he carries. The TF5517 is so burglar resistant that Underwriters Laboratories awarded AMSEC the sought after TL15 and TL30 burglary ratings.

Consider also that the TF5517 has a 3/16 inch steel plate door, which has two layers of fire insulation. This means that fire isn’t the biggest danger that can be encountered. It’s been designed to handle a fire that produces heat at a level of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. At this intensity, the contents are safe for 30 minutes. The interior will stay below 350 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature at which paper can char. However, on the con side, some other safes from American Security Gun Safe can provide protection in hotter heat or for longer periods of time. Whether this is critical to security can only be decided by each individual gun owner.

One of the best fire protection features of the TF5517 are the fire seals on the doors. They’ve incorporated expandable Palusol seals into the door jambs, creating two stage dual fire seals. If a fire situation produces high heat, the Palusol expands as much as eight times in thickness, creating an incredible seal.

It’s surprising to find this many good features, considering the TF5517 is one of the most affordable safes made by American Security. It’s designed to make a burglar want to retire. It holds up in a fire, for a reasonable amount of time. It’s roomy, has a classic design, and offers a dependable combination lock. Overall, the TF5517 offers tremendously good bang for the buck.

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